Fittest blonde.

This fit blonde stands for more control and more taste.
For those who want to peak early and keep going.
During the workout, when racing or even at the after-party.
This fit blonde contains only 0.3% alcohol.
Because sometimes you can peak harder with less effort.

Alcohol free speciality beer.

Kwaremont 0.3 responds to the increasing demand for alcohol-free speciality beers. Because we like to boost your growing health awareness.

Canteen proof.

Kwaremont 0.3 is ideal for quenching your thirst before, during and after working out. During an intense work-out, the body loses water and minerals quickly, and they need to be replenished.

The solution? Hydration. You recover more quickly after exercise thanks to the beer’s isotonic character. Kwaremont 0.3 is absorbed more quickly in the body than water, so you can keep going!

What are you waiting for? Fill your canteen with this unique drink.

For every athlete who wants to keep going.

Where big brother Kwaremont is mainly found on and around bicycles, this fit sister goes further. Because every athletic challenge deserves a unique drink.

Alcohol free.
Canteen proof.

Whether you want to quench your thirst after an intense effort or want to enjoy responsibly at a fun party, Kwaremont 0.3 should not be missing.
This fit blonde has a pronounced, thirst-quenching aftertaste.

Fermentation based on a special yeast that ensures that less alcohol is produced during the fermentation process.
Beer style
Colour and clarity
Clear, nice bronze colour with a firm head. Filtered.
Aroma and flavour
Smooth notes of citrus and orange in the nose, followed by a round, malty aftertaste.
Product of the year 2021-2022. Elected by consumers in the category 'Alcohol-free Beer'.
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Where can i buy Kwaremont 0 3?

Do you want to drink this fit blonde at home? We don’t blame you.
You can buy Kwaremont 0.3 at specialised retailers in your neighbourhood or at one of the partners below.

A kware moment for every athlete!


Share your #alcoholfree and #canteenproof #kwaremoment on Instagram. Your athletic effort might be rewarded with a Kwaremont 0.3 goodie bag.

Did you know...

...that Zeger Van Noten, known from the TV show “Kamp Waes”, and Cameron Vandenbroucke, daughter of the late Frank Vandenbroucke, are proud ambassadors of Kwaremont 0.3?

These sports enthusiasts are convinced this beer is responsible, tasty and thirst-quenching.

...Kwaremont 0.3 was elected Best Product of the Year in the category alcohol-free beers?

In this election, consumers rate a product on the basis of the aspects they think are most important.

Kwaremont 6.6

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